Monroe Lodge

A quick update for this week.
This Wednesday we have fellowship.
ON Sunday the 30th is our annual trunk or treat & open house night. 5-8?? We need a few guys to come out early around 430 to help set things up.

On Wednesday November the 2nd we will be having a Master Mason degree. Degree work starts at 6pm We have two canidates. Come out an help raise these 2 brothers.

I will see everyone there and in order.

Monroe Lodge

I forgot to add that we will be having our annual Trunk or Treat on October 30 5-7.

Monroe Lodge

Greetings Brothers;
We are almost at the end of our year. It has been busy for me. And doesn’t look like it will slow down. We held officer nominations last week and it looks like we have some promising nominees for our new year. We will be voting on November 9th at our regular communication meeting for our new officers. I ask all brothers to come out an place a vote. Let’s pack the lodge room and have a fun time like last week.
We also voted for Mason of the Year. To my surprise I was nominated and voted for. I was in complete shock and deeply humbled. I’m still lost for words. Luckily I didn’t have to say an acceptance speech. But I really have to thank you to all the brothers that help out and step up when asked. Without you brothers there would be place like the lodge and a place or fraternity where a fellow brother can and will feel welcome every time he enters. I guess that is what being a Mason is about.

This week on Wednesday the 19th we will be holding a Fellowcraft Degree for 2 candidates. Come out and help to show these brothers more light.

On Wednesday the 26 is fellowship.

Saturday November 5th is our monthly country breakfast.

After this Wednesday Fellowcraft degree we will have 4 brothers waiting for their master Mason degree. I would like to get these brothers raised in November. I’m thinking November 2 and November 16 with 6:30 start times. I will confirm dates at this Wednesday meeting/degree day.

Fraternally Yourself

Charles Moutoux WM

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Monroe Lodge

Greetings Brothers;
This week on Wednesday is our monthly meeting. Dinner at 6. Meeting at 7. It is our annual Wildgame and Camo night. At this meeting we will be having nominations for Mason of the year and for our officers next year. Please pass the word to others and make calls to other brothers please.

Saturday October 15 is our spaghetti dinner. This might be the last one for the year. Invite everyone.

Wednesday October 19 is our temple board and a Fellowcraft degree at 7.

I will see everyone in lodge

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Monroe Lodge

FYI for those of you who ordered shirts, I have them and will bring them tonight. $32 for the polo, $36 for the jacket. I have extra polos in xl and xxl for anyone interested. See you soon!

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Upcoming Dates For October 2016

Greetings Brothers;

First I would like to thank all the Brothers that came out last Wednesday for our Fellowcraft degree. It was a good job done by all. We had a good turnout for our monthly breakfast this past Saturday. This Wednesday we will be having fellowship. I might not be there. I’m planning on going to Samaria Lodge #438 for their business meeting his Wednesday at 7pm. Maybe some others would like to go too. I plan on arriving around 630. It will be fun to see another lodge at work.

On Wednesday October 12th is our monthly Meeting. It is also our annual Camo/Wildgame dinner. Brothers come dressed in your camo. Dinner at 6. Meeting at 7. We have a lot of business to discuss for the winding down of the year. Plus we will have both a Fellowcraft and Entered apprentice proficiency to vote on. Also we need to finalize plans for our trunk or treat. Let’s make a this a good event and we will be coinciding this with our open house night.

On Saturday October 15 is our monthly spaghetti dinner at 5-7. This might be our last one of the year. We have done ok on these dinners. Should we continue these next year? Something we need to discuss. Maybe we need some other ideas.

On Wednesday October 19 at 7pm we will be holding another double Fellowcraft degree.

We also need nominations for Mason of the year.
Please pass this on to other brothers.

I wish to see everyone out for our next business meeting. Let’s pack the lodge room.

Fraternally Yours,

Charles Moutoux-WM