Consider the following:
You must be a man, at least 19 years old.
You must reside in the state of Michigan for at least one full year. (six months for military personnel)
You must have a belief in a Supreme Being of any faith. (No particular religion or faith is required or excluded; all are welcome.)
You should be someone who does, or wants to learn to, enjoy the company of other men from all different social classes, faiths, backgrounds, races, countries, etc. Masonry is universal in its ideals.
You should be coming to Masonry “of your own free will and accord”, to learn to improve yourself and to enjoy the company of other good people, not because someone keeps pestering you to join or because you think it will help you “get ahead” in business.
You must be loyal to our country, a law abiding citizen and of good character.
You must ask to join. Many Masons whom you may come in contact with, may think you’d make a good Mason, but they will NOT ask you to join, you must ASK them.

Masonry considers that your family obligations come FIRST, so you must be sure that:
You have the time to participate. This is usually two or three evenings per month at first for meetings and instruction and thereafter, we encourage members to attend at least one meeting per month — more often if you get involved in lodge activities.
You can afford the initiation fees and the annual dues without hardship to yourself or your family. Although all lodges have different one-time fees, most range between $75 and $200 for initiation and annual dues of between $50 and $100.
Consider the following:
No one should enter Freemasonry in the hope of some material gain or advancement. To do so will only lead to disappointment.
Membership is entirely voluntary. The rules require an intending member to be motivated by his own desire to join the Craft. He will be accepted if the members feel he has the qualities making for happy and successful participation in their Lodge.
But I don’t know any Masons:
You would be surprised how many men you come into contact with each and every day are Masons. However, there are several ways to go about seeking membership. Contact yourlocal lodge , or locate a Lodge in the community near you. Alternatively, ask for free information via our request form .