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6 days ago

Monroe Lodge 27 F&AM

Monroe Lodge 27 F&AM ...

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This Saturday 5-6:30 is our monthly spaghetti dinner
$6.00 all you can eat,includes salad and garlic bread
Pass the word and bring your family an friends

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1 week ago

Monroe Lodge 27 F&AM

Here's an interesting letter/note from our archives. It was sent in April of 1865, just a few days after the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln on April 15, 1865. It was from the WM of Monroe Lodge #27, WBro. Aaron J. (A.J.) Sawyer to the Grand Secretary of the time, RWBro. James Fenton, and it reads (according to our current deciphering) as follows:

"Morning April 18@/65

A.L. 5865

Dear Sir & G.S.

I wish you would be in the (illegible) of informing
me, per telegraph, at my expense whether or not
Mr. Lincoln was a mason.
You can reply merely yes or no

Yours Truly
& fraternally

(?) A.J. Sawyer
W.M. Monroe (lodge)
No. 27 F.&A.M.

Reply tonight if you can

We might assume WBro. Sawyer put his note on RWBro. Fenton's desk or in his mailbox, since the turnaround time he is hoping for his request is pretty quick even by today's technological standards.

FYI, President Lincoln is NOT one of the 14 Presidents of the U.S. credited with being a freemason.

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This Saturday 7-10 is our monthly breakfast
$6.00 all you can eat
Pass the word and bring your friends and family

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