For Members of Monroe Lodge

Funeral Arrangements Katherine Walters

With a sad heart I send notice of the passing of one of our widows and mother of Worshipful Brother Mike Walters.  Katherine Walters passed away yesterday in her home.
The services will be held at Bacarella Funeral Home located at 1201 S. Telegraph Rd. Monroe, MI 48161.  Visitation is Friday February 20 from 3pm – 8pm.  Service is Saturday February 21 at 1pm.
Let’s remember our Obligation in our Brother‘s time of need.
Brian Fauls
Worshipful Master
Monroe Lodge 27

Allen Park Cancelled

Good Morning Brothers,
I received a phone call that the candidate was not available this evening and so Allen Park cancelled the Master Mason Degree for this evening.  No word on a rescheduled date yet.
Brian Fauls
Worshipful Master
Monroe Lodge 27

Febuary 16th 2015 Monday Update

Hello Brothers!
If you have any vacation time, book a trip to the North Pole.  It’s been warmer there than it has been here these last few days.  For those keeping track (which I am) we are closing in on setting a record for most days colder than the North Pole this year.  Not the kind of record I enjoy, I’m tropical….I prefer the beach!
This week at Monroe Lodge we will have Temple Board Wednesday the 18th at6pm and then fellowship afterwards.  This is a great chance to get together and enjoy each other’s company.  Invite a friend down or a fellow Mason and let them enjoy an evening with the Brothers.
I know a few of Monroe’s Brothers are headed up to Allen Park Lodge to witness their Master Mason Degree on Tuesday the 17th starting at 7pm.  If you want to attend, here is the address: 17212 Ecorse Rd. Allen Park.  Some of the Brothers are riding up from the lodge at 5:15.  If you want to follow them up or car pool please be at the lodge by 5pm to make arrangements.  I am still on the 80% going side, it just depends on when my wife will be home from work.
Stay warm Brothers!  Be safe in all your travels, love your family and I will see you all soon at the Lodge.
Worshipful Master
Monroe Lodge 27

Widows Night June 2013

Fellow Masons, here below is our Widows Night Event. For those that could not attend, it was a very festive night.

The Gallery photos of the event are here.

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Adopt A Highway Monroe Lodge 27


Adopt A Highway (61 of 170)

As  freemasons it is our civic duty to serve our community. Even for the labours endeavours none of us ever see or think of.  Such as  getting rid of the waste  on the highway


Full Gallery here

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Remember You Are A Mason


When the pressures of recession
Make us concentrate on greed,
Take heed, a worthy Mason
Cares about another’s needs;

Don’t let pressures of the moment
Make your obligation sway,
Stop and help a fallen brother
Or another by the way;

What you give is like a bubble
Whenever you assist,
What it costs in time and trouble
Is, soon after, never missed;

Brother, bear that obligation
You accepted on your knee,
It’s in direct relation
To your own security;

Never hesitate, my brother
Square your actions now and say,
“I’ll remember I’m a Mason,
“And behave like that today;”

“With regard to human kindness
And the ‘Golden Rule’, I pray,
I’ll remember I’m a Mason…
And behave like that today.”