Funeral Arrangements for Clayton

> Hello Brothers,
> I just got a call from Bacarella, and here are the details: >
> Visitation Wednesday, 4-8pm
> Eastern Star memorial service 6:30
> Masonic service 6:45
> Now I know that this conflicts with our scheduled Red Coat degree, but I feel we need to make an exception in this case and delay our start time this Wednesday. Our service usually lasts about 15 minutes, so we should be done by 7:00. If we show up early at the funeral home to visit and show our respects, then we should be able to leave right after the service and get to the lodge at 7:30 (7:45 latest) for opening. W. Bro. Clayton was a dear brother, and I’m sure I can count on everyone for a good turnout. Please start the fannout call list, if you see your person is not on this email. >
> Fraternally,
> Michael Walters
> Worshipful Master
> Monroe Lodge #27

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