Monroe Lodge

Greetings Brothers;
We are almost at the end of our year. It has been busy for me. And doesn’t look like it will slow down. We held officer nominations last week and it looks like we have some promising nominees for our new year. We will be voting on November 9th at our regular communication meeting for our new officers. I ask all brothers to come out an place a vote. Let’s pack the lodge room and have a fun time like last week.
We also voted for Mason of the Year. To my surprise I was nominated and voted for. I was in complete shock and deeply humbled. I’m still lost for words. Luckily I didn’t have to say an acceptance speech. But I really have to thank you to all the brothers that help out and step up when asked. Without you brothers there would be place like the lodge and a place or fraternity where a fellow brother can and will feel welcome every time he enters. I guess that is what being a Mason is about.

This week on Wednesday the 19th we will be holding a Fellowcraft Degree for 2 candidates. Come out and help to show these brothers more light.

On Wednesday the 26 is fellowship.

Saturday November 5th is our monthly country breakfast.

After this Wednesday Fellowcraft degree we will have 4 brothers waiting for their master Mason degree. I would like to get these brothers raised in November. I’m thinking November 2 and November 16 with 6:30 start times. I will confirm dates at this Wednesday meeting/degree day.

Fraternally Yourself

Charles Moutoux WM

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