Monroe Lodge

Greeting Brothers,
This Wednesday is our monthly meeting. Dinner at 6. Meeting starts at 7. At this meeting we have to vote for our new officers.
Here is the list of our nominees: (Please forgive me if these are not in proper order).
WM- Charles H Moutoux
SW- Russell Pickell
JW- Joe Swartwood
Sec-Brian Fauls
Tres-Bill Ford
Sen.Deacon-Joe Yuhas
Jr.Deacon- Philip Spears & Rodney Griner-
Sr.Steward-Our newly rasied Master Mason Dave Harmon
There will be 3 more stewards that I will appoint.
Chaplin–Jason Gribble.
Tiler-Ken Stanifer

Brothers come out an vote. Your vote is important. It will be fun.

Pending voting status as me being the WM again next year, Installation will take place Saturday December 10th at 3pm. Dinner to follow. Invitations are in the mail.

For the Brohters & Companions of Monroe Chapter #22 of Royal Arch Masons & Council #4. Our meeting is Tuesday at 7pm. Chapter opens. Dinner at 6pm.

Don’t forget!!! This Tuesday is voting day. Go out an vote.

I will see all Brothers in lodge & dressed accordingly.

In Brotherly Love

Charles H. Moutoux

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