October 2015 Weekly Update

Good Morning Brothers,

I waited a day to send out the update so that we can have a more clear look at the weather this week. Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 28th from 6pm – 8pm is Trunk or Treat at Monroe Lodge. We may have a small window around that time when the rain should let up, if we do then we will definitely have our fun decorating cars and passing out candy to the little monsters and goblins that show up. However, if its raining cats and dogs we will hold off on the festivity. Looking forward to that window of opportunity and enjoying trunk or treat with the Brothers.

Next Wednesday, November 4th at 7pm we are performing an Entered Apprentice degree. Officers wear your tuxedos and study that book well. Let’s give our newest member our best ritual!

Hope everyone is off to a great start to the week. Be safe in your travels.

Brian Fauls
Worshipful Master
Monroe Lodge 27

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