Widows Night June 2013

Fellow Masons, here below is our Widows Night Event. For those that could not attend, it was a very festive night.

The Gallery photos of the event are here.

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Adopt A Highway Monroe Lodge 27


Adopt A Highway (61 of 170)

As  freemasons it is our civic duty to serve our community. Even for the labours endeavours none of us ever see or think of.  Such as  getting rid of the waste  on the highway


Full Gallery here

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MiCHiP (Child ID)

MiCHiP (Child ID)
Saturday, April 27 2013, 10:00am – 2:00pm at the Mall of Monroe, Monroe Lodge 27 will hold a Child ID Program. Any member wishing to help out is encouraged to arrive around 9am to set up tables and computers.


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