This week at Monroe #27 April 2013

Good evening Brothers:

While I am watch the National Championship game, I will try to send out an email about this week. So, if this email doesn’t make complete sense, I am blaming the game.

We have a full docket scheduled for Wednesday. 6:00 Dinner.

At 7:00, while the lodge members go into their “quick” business meeting, our ladies will convene in the dining hall for a Candle Party hosted by Jackie Walters. This is our kickoff to our Spring fundraiser. The plan is to have the candles back before Mother’s Day.

We are in need of having as many Brothers participating in this as possible. I know that we have many things coming up this Spring and Summer that we will need the “expendable” income for. If you and your traveling partner are not able to attend this week, Jackie’s information is attached to this email. Contact her and she will be able to take your order over the phone or direct you on how you can place an order online.

Also, after the business meeting, we will be having out Adopt-a-highway safety meeting. We will also be setting up our date for our clean-up. The official clean-up timeline is next week.

So, with that being said, we have a lot to do this week. Hope to see full lodge room and dining hall Wednesday.

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