This week at Monroe #27 April 22nd 2013

> Good evening Brothers. Here is what we have going on this week at Monroe #27. >
> Let me start off by thanking the six Brothers that showed up and participated in the Adopt-a-Highway cleanup on Saturday. We were able to work for a couple of hours and get at least a mile of the North bound lane of 75 picked up. We are hoping to have more of a turn out for the the July pickup date. We need to get the rest of the North bound lane completed and get started on the South bound lane. Ricky took some great pictures and posted them to our Facebook page. >
> This Saturday is our CHIP program that we sponsoring at the Monroe Mall for Celebrate Children Weekend. I know that Brother Sam Leach and Twila have been looking for volunteers to work this weekend. Set up is around 9:30 and it runs from 10:00 to 2:00. Even if you can only sacrifice one hour of your time, it would be greatly appreciated. The list I sent him last week was pretty thin. So, any thing that you can spare to help them out would be greatly appreciated. >
> This Wednesday will be fellowship. We do not having anything in the works for right now. Next month we will be preparing for the two/three possible EA degrees coming up. >
> Next Saturday we will be having our monthly Lodge Breakfast. I know that some of our volunteers will be out due to Turkey Season. If you are available to help out that morning, that would be great. >
> Lastly, Saturday was the last day to turn in your Candle Orders. If you have yet turned those into Mike Walters, please do so by Wednesday. >
> So, CHIP program this Saturday. See what you can do to help. Also, make sure you are wearing your Blue Shirts, >
> Have a great week.
> Jason C. Gribble
> Worshipful Master
> Monroe Lodge #27

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