This week at Monroe 27 Feb 2014

> Hello brothers!
> This Wednesday (2/26) we will be conducting a Fellowcraft degree, put on by our Red Coats. Don’t miss it – we will have multiple candidates! This Saturday (3/1) is our famous (or infamous) Country Breakfast from 7am to 10am – all you care to eat! Next week, on 3/5 we will be conducting an EA degree, complete with the Chamber of Reflection. Unfortunately, I will be out of town for this one, but W. Bro. John Trout will take the reins and perform the degree.
> On a sad note, I regret to inform you that our dear brother, W. Bro. Clayton Heiss passed on Saturday the 22nd. Clayton was a Mason for more than 63 years, served as Secretary for our lodge for many years, was Master of Blanchard lodge, and was very active in Easter Star. But what I personally will remember him most for, was being my Dad Adviser when I was Master Counselor in DeMolay. He was always there for us boys and was faithful to the craft. He will be sorely missed. His son Tom (also a brother) will be making the funeral arrangements today and will let me know when we will be conducting the Masonic Service. I will send out a separate email with that information, but it will be held at Bacarella Funeral Home. >
> Fraternally,
> Michael Walters
> Worshipful Master
> Monroe Lodge #27

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