Wednesday, February 20th 2013

Good evening Brothers,

Just a reminder that we have fellowship tomorrow night. If our officers would like to practice the FC opening for next week, that might be a good idea.

I will not be there. I have some things I must to attend to at school tomorrow night.

Just a couple of reminders:
Saturday, we have our Lodge of Instruction at Samaria Lodge at 9:00 AM. Those looking to car pool, meet at Monroe #27 by 8:15. We will head out to Samaria at 8:30.

Next Wednesday, we will be having our annual Red Coat degree. We have one Brother that will be receiving the FC degree that night. Let’s show our newly made Brother and our Red Coats some support by having a full house that night. Lodge will open promptly at 7:00. Dinner will NOT be served.

Have a great week Brothers and see you on Saturday

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